A Comic Book to Raise Awareness

Migrant: Stories of Hope and Resilience, a new publication from the KBI and the Hope Border Institute, brings the reality of the border and a range of migrant experiences to a wider audience, in engaging and thought-provoking graphic-novel form.

In June, the Kino Border Initiative branched out in a new direction—publishing an educational comic book in collaboration with the Hope Border Institute, Migrant: Stories of Hope and Resilience. Graphic novel and comic book creators Jeffry Odell Korgen and Kevin C. Pyle approached the KBI with the innovative and timely idea of presenting migrant stories in illustrated form last year. As authors of a wage theft comic and other social justice titles, they knew how to put together an engrossing and informative work. And so, an artistic and educational project commenced, drawing stories from migrant testimonies and other materials from advocates and educators in the field.

Migrant: Stories of Hope and Resilience presents a range of migrant accounts that encourage readers to identify with the challenges migrants face, question assumptions about their lives and reasons for migrating, and tackle the complicated questions posed by our current immigration system. The stories give narrative life to the threats of violence experienced in home countries, extortion wielded at the border, the effects of militarization, and the impact of family separation, among other scenarios. There are also educational sections that outline topics such as migrant rights and advocacy efforts.

We urge all our supporters to read a printed or electronic version of Migrant: Stories of Hope and Resilience. The book is an ideal springboard for discussions about immigration and advocacy in classrooms, church groups, and community gatherings. The KBI and many of our partner organizations are distributing the 48-page, softcover, bilingual version at a cost of $3/book plus shipping and handling; just contact us at 520-287-2370 or ifuentes@kinoborderinitiative.org. Or download Migrant for free, in English (http://bit.ly/2rRuR8J ) or Spanish (http://bit.ly/2rCGdcE ). As always, thank you for your support in our education and advocacy efforts!


Editorial Board: Dylan Corbett (Hope Border Institute), Fr. Sean Carroll & Joanna Williams (Kino Border Initiative), Joanne Welter, Kevin C. Pyle, Jeffry Odell Korgen.

Editor: Jeffry Odell Korgen

Writers: Jeffry Odell Korgen & Kevin C. Pyle

Art Director and Production Manager: Kevin C. Pyle

Published by: Kino Border Initiative and Hope Border Institute

Funded in part by: Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Migrant: Stories of Hope and Resilience documents a range of migrant experiences.

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