Forming a Kino Teens Club

In order to form a Kino Teen or Partner Club there should be at least five interested members with one adult facilitator who has some knowledge of migration issues as well as at least one other adult willing to serve as a chaperone.

The club should meet not less than once a month with the Kino Teens serving as chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary and treasurer of the group and being responsible to conduct the meetings and keep records.

The club will appoint or elect a contact person to be in contact with Rev. Pete Neeley, SJ (P. neeley, SJ: of the Kino Border Initiative supplying Fr. Pete with the contact

information of this person. The club are asked to form a link with the Kino Teens of Nogales, Arizona on their Facebook page and will develop a Facebook page of their own to facilitate communication among all Kino Teens.

Possible activities of Kino Teens during trips to Nogales:

1. Visit the Comedor and help serve the migrants (this should have priority when safety concerns do not prohibit it). All visits must be scheduled before hand with Fr. Pete.

2. Prepare meals such as sandwiches and burritos that can be served at the Comedor.

3. Visit the “streamline” court and witness how migrants are treated and their rights violated.

4. Visit the Tumcacori Mission and become acquainted with the Kino story.

5. Visit the other Kino sites in Nogales such as the old ruins.

6. Hike the trails used by migrants and the river trail between Tumacacori and Tubac.

7. Visit San Xavier de Bac.

8. Visit Kit Peak and do one of the tours (Kino was an astronomer and we have Jesuits who continue that tradition).

9. Visit Arivaca nature preserve to get an idea of the land as it used to be.

10. Spend time at Lake Patagonia having fun and doing reflections.

11. Visit Saguaro Park West and watch the Native Video to get an understanding of Native peoples descendants Kino worked with.

12. Interact with other youth groups in games and activities related to the ministry with Migrants.

13. Visit Las Lagunas de Anza and learn about the expedition that founded the city of San Francisco.

14. Watch and discuss Padre Kino, Salt of the Earth, The Mission videos.

A Dozen Suggested Activities for Kino Teen Clubs

1. Make Summer Leadership days in Nogales, AZ.

2. Befriend migrants where ever there are groups of them by offering assistance and collecting stores.

3. Use media productions to tell the stories of migrants whom you meet and share those productions on your facebook page.

4. Create other media productions such as Stations of the Cross, meditations on the Seven Last Words of Jesus based upon migrant stories. Share these productions.

5. Obtain a copy of the text for A Line in the Sand from CRS and put on this play for a drama production.

6. Write and produce a drama of your own based upon a migrant’s story.

7. Do skits of advocacy interaction with a legislator as a drama exercise.

8. Do a legislative visit to a lawmaker promoting Immigration Reform and/or the Dream Act.

9. Research the ancestors of members of the club and find out how many of them were migrants.

10. Identify Scripture stores that are stories of migration create skits of the stories and discuss what can be learned from those stories.

11. Create media pieces on the “Myths of Migration” and on the teachings of the US Bishops about immigration.

12. Do some investigative research regarding slave labor, NAPA and the immigration phenomena. Have a contest to see who can come up with the most facts and figures. Share the results on your Kino Teen Facebook page and with peers in class etc.

13. Collect personal hygiene items and put them in “blessing bags” (zippered plastic bags) to send to KBI to distribute to deported migrants who do not have even these basic personal items. See the website to find a list of the items needs.

14. Take part in the Jesuit Teach-In in Washington DC and advocate for social justice especially for Migrants.

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