Kino Teens

Kino Teens seek to embody the heritage of Padre Kino who was a defender of native peoples and a protector of their rights. In keeping with this ideal, these are the goals of Kino Teens:

Kino Teen Goals

1. To befriend migrant people telling their stories and in so doing to give them a voice.

2. To help educate people about the issue of migration, why people migrate, what they face when they seek to migrate, what they go through in the process and what can be done to ease this situation.

3. To alert people to the teaching of the Church on migration and myths about it while seeking to bring about the conversion of those who are hostile or indifferent and to influence public policy for the benefit of the migrants.

4. To support the ministry of the Kino Border Initiative in serving deported migrants. This can be done with fund raisers or collections and by encouraging participation in The Border Days event in the summer and/or visits to the Migrant Center in Nogales, Sonora

5. To share the Padre Kino story.

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