Before the Kino Border Initiative was founded in January of 2009, a needs assessment was conducted to determine whether a new migrant ministry should be inaugurated along the border between Arizona and Sonora.  Potential stakeholders were interviewed on both sides of the border, and they identified the need for humanitarian assistance for deported migrants in Nogales, Sonora, the vulnerability of women and children to abuse and exploitation and the opportunity to raise awareness about the reality of migration and its effects.  Also, since migration is a multinational phenomenon, it was recommended that a new project be binational in scope.

In light of this feedback, the Kino Border Initiative was set up to work with one foot on each side of the Mexico border in Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.  As a faith-based organization, the KBI strives to respond to the most critical needs by respecting the God-given dignity of the human person and by fostering bi-national solidarity through humanitarian assistance, education and research/advocacy.

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