Presentations, Talks and Workshops
Fr. Pete Neeley, Joanna Williams, Fr. Samuel Lozano or Sr. Engracia Robles, from our education team, are available to go to your parish, school or organization to do presentation of 1-3 hours on topics related to immigration.  A presentation might be a simple talk on the reality along the US-Mexico border and how the KBI and other faith groups are responding to the humanitarian crisis. Or it could be a power point presentation that explores further the reality of undocumented immigration, the causes and possible solutions.  Or it could be a longer workshop that would cover the details of immigration on a world-wide scale as well as give those attending the workshop time to reflect and share with others their beliefs and concerns regarding immigrants and immigration.

Immersion Experiences
The KBI typically hosts immersion experiences of 3-5 days. Shorter visits are also possible.  Our immersion experiences offer participants an opportunity to spend time with migrants and learn from their stories, as well as to understand the broader context of the border and immigration. Every trip includes time in the comedor (soup kitchen) where participants serve food and have the chance to speak with recently deported migrants. Trips often include a visit to the women’s shelter, a walk in the desert, an opportunity to participate in mass with and converse with ranchers in a rural town in southern Arizona, and a visit to criminal prosecution of immigrants in Tucson. The trip is intended to humanize the immigration issue and to recognize its complexity, while emphasizing accompaniment of people on their journey.  Over the course of the trip, there are spaces for reflection on the experiences and times to plan follow-up activities upon return.

Retreat Day/Day of Reflection
If you are looking for a day-long retreat, we would invite you to consider a day of reflection on the issues surrounding immigration.  “Welcoming the Stranger” is a theme seen nearly 120 times throughout Scripture.  In the Bible, migration is a central theme.  God’s people are forced time and time again to move, to migrate, to escape a bad situation or to find a better life.  Our staff would be happy to facilitate such a retreat with a group.

Kino Teens

The Kino Teens is a network of high school youth groups. The first Kino Teens group was founded at Lourdes Catholic School in Nogales, Arizona and clubs are now starting across the country. These groups provide high school students the opportunity for direct service to deported migrants, for participation in educational activities offered to interested groups and organizations and for advocacy visits to local legislative offices. The staff at the Kino Border Initiative are happy to help facilitate the founding of a Kino Teens group at your local high school. The Kino Teens are also available to visit your church or school and share about their work with immigrants and in educating others about the related issues.

For more information on any of the above programs, please contact Joanna Williams,, (520) 287-2370


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