Humanitarian Assistance

Every year, thousands of migrant men, women and children are deported to Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.  They often arrive with only the clothes on their backs and a small plastic bag that contains their belongings.  They often do not know where to turn to receive a meal, find shelter and to make a phone call.  They also arrive emotionally and psychologically devastated, due to separation form their family members or the inability to work legally in the United States.

The Kino Border Initiative staffs three works that respond to the critical humanitarian needs of deported migrants:

Aid Center for Deported Migrants (CAMDEP – Initials in Spanish)
The CAMDEP provides two meals a day to migrant men, women and children deported to Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.  In 2011, it served over 45,000 meals.  The CAMDEP also distributes clothing and personal care items, and refers people to Mexican government services.  The KBI is blessed by the collaboration of organizations such as the Samaritans of Green Valley, No More Deaths, FESAC and parishes and individuals from Phoenix, Tucson as well as Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora.

Nazareth House
Nazareth House is a shelter for migrant women and children, to respond to their vulnerability in the streets of Nogales, Sonora.  It is a safe space where women and children can bathe, eat, sleep, call their families and reflect on their experience.  They receive opportunities for prayer and pastoral support as well.  In 2011, Nazareth House received 451 migrant women and children.

First Aid Station
Many deported migrants arrive in Nogales, Sonora with severely blistered feet, flu symptoms and dehydration.  We offer some first aid assistance at the KBI Comedor.

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