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Migration is a complex phenomenon and for this reason, the Kino Border Initiative recognizes the importance of providing a space in which scholars and students can do research on migration and help find solutions to pressing policy issues.  Past researchers have investigated topics such as service learning, nursing care for women migrants and the effects of security policies on the U.S./Mexico border.  If you are interested in visiting KBI to engage in research, please contact Ms. Ivette Fuentes at


The KBI’s advocacy efforts are rooted in Catholic teaching and are a response to the human realities that we encounter at the border. We partner with other organizations to advocate in the US and Mexico for policies that advance humane, just and workable migration in the region. KBI’s advocacy is supported by a survey in its Aid Center for Deported Migrants to obtain basic information about the people served and to document abuses committed against them as well as ongoing, in-depth documentation of migrants’ experiences in Mexico and the US.

One example of our advocacy is our 2013 report that was a result of six months of interviewing migrants, DOCUMENTED FAILURES: The Consequences of Immigration Policy and the U.S.-Mexico Border. In September of 2015 we will be releasing a follow-up report with information from recent surveys and interviews.

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“Our Values on the Line”

We have released our report based on a statistical study of migrants in the comedor. In “Our Values on the Line: Migrant Abuse and Family Separation at the Border”, Please read the report, share it with your friends, and send the link to your Congressional representative with a note about why we must have a more humane approach to border enforcement. Thanks!
Link to the full report: —>

Our Values on the Line

Our Values on the Line

If you are interested in learning more about advocacy efforts or supporting this work, please contact Joanna Williams,, (520) 287-2370

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