Standing up for Refugees

With the recent announcement that the Administration plans to decrease refugee admissions to the lowest in U.S. history, the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service has sent out an urgent call to stand with refugees and advocate for a minimum of 75,000 annual admissions. With an unprecedented number of people forced to leave their homelands due to war, genocide, gang violence, and climate events, it is more critical than ever to offer safety and welcome to refugees. The KBI asks that you join this effort, and call your Congressional leaders and the White House to voice your concerns. You’ll find a contact numbers and a sample script here:;jsessionid=00000000.app263a?alertId=286&pg=makeACall&NONCE_TOKEN=E1DC97017EB925C5BE69C7F9317DA2D5#.WdqfWqOZMUt. Thank you for your advocacy and support!

As the Trump Administration seeks to lower refugee admissions to the U.S., millions of men, women, and children are leaving their homelands to seek protection and safety.

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